11 May 2019    
Malhya: origins



Legend has it that the planet Malhya was once a unique Land. Inhabited mostly by Dragon clans, the balance was stable and allowed for the development of multiple life forms.

But on a night of a double full moon, a star collided with the planet and lodged itself deep within the depths of Malhya, fusing with its core. Feeding off the souls of the deceased, it released a particular energy called Aura.

This new source of power heralded major upheaval. Thal and Zost, the two most powerful dragons, drew from it to lead a terrible war. Losses were so heavy that the inflow of souls into the core destabilized it to the point of implosion.

The planet tore itself apart into two lands connected by gigantic columns.

The corporeal form of both dragons disintegrated but the sheer power of their souls was such that they were rejected from the core. The soul of Zost fused with the Aura of the Lower Lands, and that of Thal with the Aura of the Upper Lands.

Elevated to the rank of god among an ever-increasing number of worshippers, Zost and Thal relentlessly exercise their power to undermine the other. Zost, having inherited the darkest and most unstable part of the planet, has been on a quest to gain control over the Upper Lands ever since.



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