4 August 2019  
The Awaken Ones



It is within the remarkable Bechlam library, the largest of Malhya’s Upper Lands, where can be found the first book mentioning the Awakened Ones, guardians of Malhya’s stability.


Here is some of the information we can glean from this book:

Descended from different Peoples and with varied talents, the Awakened Ones have been chosen by Naylik the Keeper, heir to the Elementaries and witness of time, for the purity of their souls and for their unique ability to perceive the Aura, Malhya’s fundamental energy.

The Awakened Ones, protector of Malhya’s Equilibrium and continuity, keep watch and protect the source of this energy, the Core, against all forces that may threaten it.

The army of the Awakened Ones is composed of a hundred dormant soldiers ready to be deployed. Spread out throughout the Upper Lands, they can recognize each other only when they are near one another and the eternity link created by Naylik has been activated. This magical link is so powerful that it allows them to come back to life as long as one of them is still standing.

If, however, during a mission, every single member of a group perishes, the link with Naylik would be broken and the souls of the Awakened Ones absorbed into the core like mere mortals.

The Awakened Ones do not consort with any guild and do not submit to any order other than the order of Naylik. They are the only beings able to distort their physical Aura to perform exceptional feats that vary depending on their origins and aptitudes.

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Bonjour à toute l’equipe
Votre univers est vraiment extraordinaire de ressources narratives.
Le jeu s'annonce Sous ces aspects lui aussi extra.
Les scénarios et campagnes seront t’ils jouable seul?


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