30 September 2019  
The Peoples of Malhya

The numerous Peoples residing in the Upper Lands of Malhya create marvelous Wonders and shape everlasting legends. They are just as nuanced as the six regions and the infinite landscapes they call home.

The Peoples are proud of the stories they have written for themselves throughout the ages, and each of their names are tied to strong identities. Their task of guarding the Rift, where life eternal slumbers side by side with the most powerful and sacred dragons, shrouds a painful and slavish history...

They are also proud of their knowledge. Some of them claim to harbor secrets about the whereabouts of a forgotten city, the manufacturing of Aura stones, or the breeding of falcon pupils...

Last but not least, they are proud of their roots. They frequently boast about their unique and nomadic way of life, clutched to the mountainsides, roaming the roads, or sharing swamps with fearsome creatures.

Their desire to create individual paths for themselves, even though they might deviate from those who share the same Blood, is matched only by the differences that characterize them.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for a Sulk to proclaim to all who would listen: "Even though the blood runs through my veins, I'm not a Dwarf. I'm a Sulk!!!"

As an Awakened One, you represent one of these Peoples. You will benefit from their incredible skills and develop them throughout your adventures. Now go forth and create your own unique story!


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