29 February 2020  
The Council


When The War of the Dragons struck Malhya, it inexorably redrew the contours of the young planet. Born to the implosion of the Core, the Peoples of Malhya gradually came into being. Spreading throughout the Upper Lands, they struggled to get organized and struggled even more to get along. Conflicts quickly multiplied over the smallest piece of territory, the use of the smallest river or simply over the desire to spill the blood of an enemy.

Survival in this new hostile world became a full-fledged way of life.

Faced with increasing chaos, Andmar Lewon Talim, the very wealthy governor of the Sovereigns and the Uzelda Island, took charge. In agreement with the most influential dignitaries of the various regions forming the Upper Lands, he created the Council, a superior military and regulatory body intended to establish a cohesion between the Peoples, and above all, lasting peace. He became the undisputed representative known as the Prime Ruler.

He gradually created laws, borders, and trade routes connecting major cities where representatives were appointed. The Council’s power and influence grew rapidly.

Dourakine Daoulas Inatos Talim, Andmar’s descendant and successor as Prime Ruler, formed the Chamber of Powers. Consisting of High Emissaries, the representatives of the ruling members, the Chamber of Powers meets regularly at secret locations. Its main function lies in the administrative, financial and military management of the Council. The Prime Ruler and High Emissaries all possess one vote during the voting sessions at the Chamber of Powers.


The sitting members represent those who acknowledge the Council as the supreme entity in the Upper Lands. The groups refusing to submit to the Council are referred to as the “Fringe Peoples”.


Supported by the Chamber of Powers, Dourakine’s primary objective is to convince those on the fringes to support the Council in order to better prepare for a war he knows is coming against the forces of Tyrus, the dark god avatar.



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