20 March 2020  
The Aura


What Alyam-ar the Elder loved above all was the silence preceding his union with the Aura. Only a Mhaÿ could feel the moment when his mind made contact with the particles that composed it.

Created by the Core, the Aura served as a receptacle for the souls of the dying as well as a guide to bring them to it. The souls were necessary for the Core to survive and regenerate. Since its fusion with this small planet, the Core influence all life on Malhya.

The Elder, keen to complete his knowledge of this invisible force, had spent his life studying dozens of books from the biggest libraries on the Upper Lands. He had perfectly understood that the laatma present inside the Core runs through the five powerful columns connecting the Upper Lands to the Lower Lands.

From this laatma, the Aura escapes and penetrates the rock, sometimes fusing with it to give birth to the rare and precious metal used by the Shapers*, the klysm

Extracting itself from the rock, the Aura fuses with certain living creatures, turning into corporeal Aura. The particles that do not fuse with creatures remain suspended, and the Mhaÿs call these the ambient Aura. They use this aura as a receptacle to create their spells.

The corporeal Aura cannot be exploited by any living beings with the exception of a small minority of them, the Awakened Ones. They possessed the singular talent of being able to concentrate it in order to perform exceptional feats.

But there were so few that Alyam-ar had never met any of them. 

He would soon be in the twilight of his life and still in search of how the souls of the Awakened Ones could escape the last journey to the Core.

The Aura was immensely powerful but the souls of the Awakened Ones, even more.


* Shapers: The only ones knowing how to alter the Aura in non-living matter in order to empower objects.



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