29 April 2021  
Announcement LBDJ

Hello everyone!


We are very proud to announce a partnership with La Boite de Jeu for the edition of the game Malhya, Lands of Legends. A publisher known for its reliability and successful games such as Daimyo, or It's Wonderful World. This is a great step forward for us to offer you a Kickstarter and a release in the best possible conditions!

So what does it change?

Well, everything and nothing at the same time. We will always be there on Facebook and on the different social networks to answer your questions about our news, the mechanics, the universe or the illustrations. We will always be present on the fairs to meet you and make you play, when the world will be free.

And we'll be able to focus on what we do best: creation, scenarios, universe and AD to deliver a great game to La Boite de Jeu. We owe them and you that much!

And finally, the future is an announcement of the KS date.

...but that's up to La Boite de Jeu (so you can trust them)


The Malhya Team

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